#TuesdayTea review of Second Chance Romance by @JillWeatherholt

I’m so happy to have you visit for my review of Second Chance Romance by Jill Weatherholt. This is a heart-touching story offering hope and healing with a second chance for happiness.


Small-Town Daddy 

Jackson Daughtry’s jobs as a paramedic and part-owner of a local café keep him busy—but the single dad’s number one priority is raising his little girl with love and small-town values. And when his business partner’s hotshot lawyer niece comes to town planning to disrupt their lives by moving her aunt away, Jackson has to set Melanie Harper straight. When circumstances force them to work side by side in the coffee shop, Jackson slowly discovers what put the sadness in Melanie’s pretty brown eyes. Now it’ll take all his faith—and a hopeful five-year-old—to show the city gal that she’s already home.


Second Chance RomanceSecond Chance Romance by Jill Weatherholt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great story of a second chance for a happily-ever-after…for two!

Second Chance Romance, by Jill Weatherholt, is a strong story of overcoming devastating sorrow with the help of faithful family members, new friends and a charming five-year-old girl.

I felt deeply for Melanie Harper who suffered a devastating loss and struggles to move on with her life. Jackson Daughtry and his daughter are the people God uses to rescue Melanie. Jackson is an exemplary hero…protective of those he holds dear. Jackson’s adorable daughter, Rebecca, is so joyous with her exuberance, positive attitude and freely-expressed love for others. The characters touched my heart as they worked through issues of trust and fear. I love the small mountain town of Sweet Gum, Virginia, located in the Shenandoah Valley, as it is brought to life by the townsfolk who help each other during difficulties. I’m ready to stop in at
The Bean Cafe for one of Phoebe’s brownies and a large portion of “happiness in a glass.”

This is a feel-good story filled with sweet romance and the blessing of love which provides hope for the future.

Favorite quotes:
“… the power of prayer is unstoppable. Nothing is ever wasted when you share it with Him.”
“Daddy says God is in control. He knows what’s best for us.”


The Bean Cafe of Sweet Gum is co-owned by hero Jackson and Melanie’s aunt. Along with good coffee, The Bean serves huge brownies made by Aunt Phoebe, so help yourself to a big chocolate chip and nut-filled goodie.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6


Dear Lord,

Please bless Jill Weatherholt’s writing career. She brings refreshing hope and comfort through her words. May her message reach many readers and touch those with hurting hearts.

We ask this is Jesus’ name, Amen


Thank you, dear readers, for stopping by for a moment to chat about a sweet inspirational romance book by debut author Jill Weatherholt. May you enjoy God’s treasured blessing of hope and happiness.

~Sherida Stewart

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10 Responses to “#TuesdayTea review of Second Chance Romance by @JillWeatherholt”

  1. Tina Radcliffe Says:

    So excited to read this book. It’s on my TBR shelf. I have an upcoming trip and this will be my “emerged in a book, don’t notice take off” distraction. Lost in a good book. Congratulations to Jill!

  2. Sherida Stewart Says:

    Yes, Tina, Jill’s book really makes you feel you’re in Sweet Gum…so engaging!

  3. Jill Weatherholt Says:

    Sherida, Your review has brought tears to my eyes. The prayer is beautiful…thank you so much. I’m so happy you enjoyed Second Chance Romance. Those were some big brownies! xo

  4. Sherida Stewart Says:

    Those brownies made me very hungry! Congratulations on your debut. I’m looking forward to all your future books!

  5. Sandra Leesmith Says:

    As always Sherida, you’ve written a great review. This sounds like a wonderful story and those Bible quotes are some of my favorites. It is exciting to read about a debut author, especially one who has been a friend in Seekerville. Great going Jill. Congratulations and keep up the great work. woo hoooooo

  6. Sherida Stewart Says:

    Sandra, that Bible scripture is one of my favorites…and one I need to be reminded of often. I too have been excited for Jill’s debut and it is a great book…and her first manuscript! Wow! You’ll enjoy her book, I’m sure.

  7. Jackie Smith Says:

    I loved Jill’s debut….fantastic. Have also found a great friend in Jill….due to surgery issues..so she has been such an encourager to me! I can’t wait to read this talented lady’s next book.

  8. Sherida Stewart Says:

    So glad you joined us, Jackie! Jill’s posts shine with her warm friendship…a fascinating hummingbirds! Yes, I too am looking forward to her next book!

  9. Patti Jo Moore Says:

    Great review, Sherida – – I’ve ordered this book and now am even more excited to read it!
    Love the Bible quotes too – – thank you for sharing.
    CONGRATULATIONS JILL!! 🙂 Sooo happy for you!

  10. Sherida Stewart Says:

    Hi, Patti Jo! I know you will love Jill’s book. Her writing style brings the scenes to sparking life…perfect words in the right places.

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