About Sherida


Sherida Stewart is the winner of the 2011 Tony Hillerman Mystery Short Story Contest for her romantic mystery, “Turquoise Remembrance.” Her story was selected from among more than 100 entries and was published in the February 2012 issue of New Mexico Magazine, co-sponsor of the contest with Wordharvest.

Sherida is married to her real-life hero, her high school sweetheart. They are blessed with two sons who are both true miracles, along with two amazing daughters-in-law. Sherida is “Grammy” to five treasured grandchildren.

Bible study, hiking, reading, camping, cooking, scrapbooking and travel are among the activities Sherida enjoys. A proud graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, she taught kindergarten and special-needs preschool children for many years.

Any celebration calls for tea and scones with friends and family.

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