Celebrating with #TUESDAYTEA! #Speedbo conclusion! Success!



Welcome to #TUESDAYTEA where we’re celebrating the final day of Seekerville’s Speedbo! Please enjoy a vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet cupcake…..or all three…with your tea today!

Speedbo report: I feel successful after completing Speedbo. My word count goals were very modest, but I did write almost everyday. It is amazing to see the words add up, even with just 500 per day. My inspirational romance novel is written! It needs plenty of editing to layer in all the elements needed, but it is done. Interestingly, I don’t want to type the words “THE END” until I’ve polished my WIP until it sparkles. So the pleasure of writing those two precious words will come later….hopefully soon. Writers participating in Seekerville’s challenge have had great success. Congratulations to all those who participated in Speedbo!  http://www.seekerville.net/

Contests: Harlequin announced a pitch contest, Blurb2Book, for their three Love Inspired lines. A 100 word blurb and the first page of the story were required to enter. After reworking my blurb and first page many times, I did click the “send” button. Because of Speedbo, my WIP was complete enough for me to try this contest. Fun!

EASTER: With God’s redeeming grace and the sacrifice of our Lord, we celebrate Easter! May your Easter be a PERFECT blessing!


Thank you for joining me for #TUESDAYTEA!

Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

2 thoughts on “Celebrating with #TUESDAYTEA! #Speedbo conclusion! Success!”

  1. Congratulations Sherida! You did it! I can’t wait to read Turquoise Remembrance!

    My Speedbo got off track and never quite recovered, but I am close to finishing my blurb2book submission!

    I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.


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