Romance Writers of America 2012 Convention Literacy Autographing event

RWA Literacy event-Anaheim, CA-July 25, 2012
Kira Brady autographing HEARTS OF DARKNESS at the RWA Literacy event in Anaheim, California July 25, 2012

Five things to remember for attending RWA Literacy Signing event….

Anaheim, California–July 25, 2012

Having heard about the yearly Romance Writers of America’s Literacy Autographing event, I’m anticipating the fund raiser for promoting literacy during the RWA 2012 convention. I walk into the convention center, filled with famous romance writers, and feel overwhelmed–all these amazing authors gathered in one place with an atmosphere filled with cheerful enthusiam.  There are over 400 romance writers signing their books (which raises nearly $53,000 for promoting literacy).  I learn a few things for next time:

#1.  Allow plenty of time.  I arrive about an hour after the event starts so I won’t wait in line.  Basically, this works, but the number of authors to visit and navigating the room does take time.  And authors run out of available books—too soon–so standing in line might be better.

#2.  Take a “must-get-autograph” list with a map showing where the authors will be sitting–available on the RWA conference site before the conference.  I have my map in hand, ready to seek out autographs.

#3.  Plan on spending more than expected on buying books.  This always happens to me, but I justify my overspending because the dollars go to a great cause–promoting reading.

#4.  Enjoy chatting.  I enjoy talking with the authors themselves and the other buyers in the payment line.  One buyer is a friend of someone at the conference doing a Kickstarter movie about romance writing  Another gal is impressed we are buying books for other people—she says the night is all about her and her love of reading.  You go, girl!

#5.  Eat before you attend.  I am so busy that I foget to eat and get a little fuzzy.  I head out to meet others for dinner—forgetting to stop by the tables of a few authors I want to meet.  Well, I hope they will participate next year at the literacy event!  I’ll see you then!

Meanwhile, I’ll be reading all the new books in my TBR pile–so sweetly signed by amazing writers.  Love romance!