SIP OF TEA-Review of Running on Empty by Ruth Logan Herne

Author Ruth Logan Herne presents a difficult subject in her book Running on Empty. She develops this romance story with compassion and offers loving hope.

Running on EmptyRunning on Empty by Ruth Logan Herne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heart-touching story of compassion and hope!

Ruth Logan Herne has written a compassionate story about the very serious subject of pedophile crimes. I felt this was a realistic depiction of how a young girl would react after suffering this type of abuse, both physical and mental…..with confusion and the inability to ask for help.

Anne was abused by her running coach when she was thirteen years old. She was conflicted about the situation and was not able tell her family what happened to her. This hidden trauma caused problems in her later life.

The story develops as Anne returns to Forest Hills many years later to care for her mother. Joe, the husband she abandoned when she ran away from her past, is now the chief of police of the small town. Joe must deal with his feelings of pride and rejection. Anne must face her fears of her former coach and of the reaction of the community to her revelation of the truth. The romance between Joe and Anne involves working through past wounds towards forgiveness. Their relationship offers hope through love and forgiveness.

This story reminds us to be alert for symptoms of abuse when watching our children. Running on Empty is a heart-touching, believable story, filled with true compassion by author Ruth Logan Herne.

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