A writer’s moment…..

I had a writer’s moment today…..

Directed to the doctor’s waiting room, I glance at a stack of magazines.  The one on top shows a cover that looks familiar……

It is the February issue of New Mexico Magazine, the issue with my first published story.  I pick it up, quickly flip through the pages to find “Turquoise Remembrance” which I haven’t read for six months.

My story—-sitting in a waiting room.  Amazing.  Where people I don’t know would be reading it.

After chatting with the doctor, I explain why it was fun to see the magazine in his office.  He said his wife is a potter and often finds little faults with her art pieces that he doesn’t even notice.

I smile and reply, “Yes, I just reread my story while waiting and cringed at some awkward wording.”

Yes, I am a writer.  I will always critique my work and want to make it better.

I love being a writer!

Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

2 thoughts on “A writer’s moment…..”

  1. So much writer’s truth in this, Sherida. Love it. I know that feeling of meeting your work In Public! It is thrilling and wonderful, and a great place to meet the critic. I will paraphrase Roosevelt: It is not the critic that counts. It is the one who stands in the ring with the dust and the sweat of creation. I love your NM Mag story.


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