National Novel Writing Month

Participant 120x240Since my November calendar is filled this year, I didn’t think I would sign up this year for National Novel Writing Month.  It seems I don’t have as much on my “To Do” list in the summers, so I have enjoyed Camp Nano the last two years.  S’mores, hiking and campfires, what’s not to like?  My Camp Nano project from 2011 became a short story which won a contest and was published, so I do believe good things can happen from concentrated writing time.   But, November?  Thanksgiving, travel, Christmas shopping, putting the garden to sleep…..However, the call of “word count” and the thoughts of other writers with cramped fingers hovering over their keyboards…well, I just have to be a part of this.  We are writers, and by November 30, my novel and many others will be closer to the finish line.  Blessings to all those writing this month!  Together we succeed!

Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

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