#TuesdayTea review of Rocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe

Please join me for a #TuesdayTea review of Rocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe….including a special treat from Patti Jo’s Café and Bakery….a favorite place to stop in Paradise, Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe
Rocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe

Rocky Mountain Reunion is small town romance at its best!

Having lived in many small towns, I appreciate the strength of friendship and faith found in these communities…..and this book highlights these qualities. Located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Paradise, Colorado, is a special place. With its mix of loveable town characters, complete with failings and quirky behaviors, you feel you are among friends as you read this story.  I’ve loved each of the books in this series….and I’m hoping for more. There is just something about the hard work, wisdom and values of small town folk which bring hope and contentment to my heart. If you haven’t read this series yet, you should know each book is definitely a stand alone. This fourth book adds a charming Victorian house, a sweet black lab and a young girl who needs comforting. Hero Matt is honorable….trying to do his best…as he deals with many difficult issues. Anne makes me smile with her kind and giving personality. Their tender story is about understanding and forgiving….and trusting God and His perfect timing. I just love visiting Paradise, Colorado…..where I feel at home.

Here is my review as posted on Goodreads:
Rocky Mountain ReunionRocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love rekindled in Paradise, Colorado….small town romance at its BEST!

If you like romance stories filled with endearing characters, special places and inspiring love, I suggest you visit Paradise, Colorado, a perfect small town, complete with beloved townsfolk who value friendship and faith…….a place for a beautiful romance to bloom.

In Tina Radcliffe’s Rocky Mountain Reunion, ER nurse Anne Matson has centered her life around her demanding job and caring for her aging aunt…..the aunt who years earlier coerced her to leave the man she loved. Construction company owner Matt Clark returns to Paradise Valley with a nine-year-old daughter who just recently entered his life.

I loved this story! The looming problem is certainly compelling with the decisions that must be made….and the deadline is fast approaching. Waiting……and forgiving is hard.

I absolutely loved all the characters…..dedicated Anne, feisty Aunt Lily, hurting Claire, steadfast Marta, fun Juanita, faithful Stanley and, most of all, Matt, the handsome hero who has waited patiently, trying to be an honorable man. Though this book is definitely a stand-alone story, I enjoyed the glimpses of characters from earlier in the series.

With the backdrop of a beautiful mountain valley and the charm of a Victorian century-old house, Rocky Mountain Reunion brings you home…..to a place of faith, hope and love, with a picturesque conclusion.

If this is a return visit to Paradise or your first, be sure to stop in at Patti Jo’s Cafe and Bakery for a chocolate chip cookie or a cinnamon roll. You won’t be disappointed!

Examples of small town wisdom expressed in a few favorite lines from Rocky Mountain Reunion:

“I’m your friend and friends are there for each other no matter what.”

“Forgiveness is a decision. A step of faith. I’ve forgiven. The hard part is the pride.”

“We’ve all got a mountain of pride that stands between us and happiness.”

*I purchased and was given a copy of this book. I was not required to write a review. I love giving my enthusiastic opinion of this novel.



One of the reasons I like to visit Paradise is the story always includes a stop at Patti Jo’s Café and Bakery…..so for a foodie like me….this adds to the story. This visit, I selected the chocolate chip cookies…..made with extra chocolate chips just the way Aunt Lily prefers them. Perhaps this time, you’d like your tea sweetened with honey from a favorite honey shop located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Patti Jo’s Café and Bakery

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Honey
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Honey

I used a recipe from All Recipes for this treat.

Chocolate Chip Honey Cookies

This recipe uses a bit of honey, which I thought was a good addition. We like to stop at a sweet little honey shop located in the Colorado San Luis Valley, which is very similar to Paradise Valley. Haefeli’s Honey in Del Norte, Colorado




I’m giving away a paperback copy of Rocky Mountain Reunion–US mailing addresses only. By entering the giveaway, you agree to have read and understand the rules per the legal page on my blog. So I can contact you about delivery if your name is selected, leave a comment with your email address, using AT and DOT to avoid scammers, then fill out the Rafflecopter form. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dear Lord,

Please continue to bless author Tina Radcliffe in all she does as she gives to others. Help her stories of faith reach the readers who need to hear the message of your love…..that we wait on you and your perfect timing.  We ask that you give all Christian writers strength and encouragement as they write from their hearts, spreading grace and hope. May the readers of these books and this blog be encouraged and blessed. Thank you!

We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24 (KJV)

Thank you so much for joining me for #TuesdayTea in Paradise, Colorado. May your days be filled with God’s treasured blessings!


Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

31 thoughts on “#TuesdayTea review of Rocky Mountain Reunion by Tina Radcliffe”

    1. Yes, it snowed here this morning…..and cookie baking feels warm and cozy. The honey in this recipe added an interesting flavor.

      Thank you for stopping in for a chat, Sarah! Hope your writing is going well!


  1. Hello Sherida, I always love dropping in for Tuesday Tea with you. What a lovely revue of Tina’s book. I didn’t realize there was a black lab involved. Hubby and I have always had labs or lab mixes. They are a special breed. That certainly puts the book higher on the tbr pile. chuckle.

    But it was up there anyway because Tina is a great writer. I agree that it will be fun to visit Paradise, Colorado again.

    And the cookies sound delicious.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Sandra!

      You will LOVE Stanley….the black lab…..a faithful companion to little Claire.

      I’ll send you some of our snow to enjoy with the cookies which would be especially good with your special coffee. Here, I’ll pour your another cup which I brewed just for you. Enjoy….both the coffee and Tina’s new Paradise book!


  2. What a lovely surprise. Thanks so much for the kind words and for the feature today.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies with honey? This is something I must check out! Thank you.

    And I have two more books in the works! Will be sure to mention this in the Weekend Edition of Seekerville.


    1. GREAT NEWS…..that there are two more Paradise books ahead…..but hoping for even more. I love living in Paradise!

      Yes, honey! If you like your chocolate chip cookie on the crisp side (which I do) mixing in a little white sugar crisped them up. It was fun to add the little honey shop in Del Norte….seemed just right. 🙂 And I hope Patti Jo didn’t mind my serving “her” cookies.

      Thanks for the Seekerville WE mention…..the giveaway ends Monday evening….so should be plenty of time to spread the word.

      Congratulations on this newest book, Tina. I simply love small mountain towns…..especially ones with romance! Blessings for your continued success!


  3. My comment didn’t show up 🙂

    Please pass the cookies! Honey in the recipe. Must try this.

    Thank so much for the kind words about Rocky Mountain Reunion. Two more books are in the works.


  4. A Honey Shop! I love this. I can add it to my current story. Don’t you think Maggie from the last book would open an organic honey and lavender shop where she works with her assistant Sherida????



    1. Oh, this makes me smile!!!! Of course, that would be PERFECT!!! Definitely honey and lavender! With some tea! The honey shop does sell tea….I should have served something from their tea selection today. 😀


    1. Jill, thank you for stopping in to chat! You know how good Tina is at giving us delightful characters to enjoy. And there will be more Paradise stories….yay! Enjoy the book….and please take some cookies with you. Blessings!


  5. Sherida! Your blog made my day! Tina’s new book and chocolate chip cookies! I will be starting Rocky Mountain Reunion tonight. I can’t wait!! You have inspired me to bake some chocolate chip cookies to accompany the book. I will have to try the honey recipe soon. Any excuse to bake cookies. : )

    Thank you for the beautiful prayer. It was a blessing and so are you, my friend! I won’t enter the contest because I already have a copy, but I’ll spread the word.


    1. Welcome to tea, Sally!

      I enjoy all of Tina Radcliffe’s books and hope you get a chance to read Rocky Mountain Reunion…..so good!

      Thank you for visiting us here….and please have another cup of tea…or we have coffee if you prefer. Blessings!


  6. Tina, please help. What does “Hit the Rafflecopter” mean? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, but I’m new to all this.


    1. Hi, Bob! To enter the giveaway, you use the Rafflecopter form, located just under the words “Good luck!” and above the prayer section of the post. (On a phone app, you need to press the “enter the giveaway” button, which will take you to the entry form.) Then fill out the Rafflecopter form where you can sign in with your email address. Hope that helps!


  7. Sherida, Thanks for the posting this and hosting this rafflecopter. I downloaded a couple of Tina’s books during the Harlequin sale, and I definitely recommend them. I love the prayer section of your post. Happy reading.


    1. Tanya, thank you for stopping by for tea. During that sale, I picked up a couple of Rithy’s books I didn’t have. I know you will love Tina’s newest story! Good luck in the Rafflecopter giveaway!


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