Sweet #TuesdayTea treats served with #LOVE!

Chocolate brownie LOVE hearts. What a treat!

Welcome to my very late sweet Valentine’s Day Tea! Since we’ve been traveling, this is a short post….filled with goodies I saw while on vacation. Please help yourself to some of these delicious and festive morsels.

How to choose from this collection of treats?
Raspberry cupcakes for a teatime treat.
Red Velvet cake…PERFECT!
Yes, sweet heart-shaped cookies!

As we enjoy the treats, please consider this Bible verse which speaks to my heart: Our Lord tells us,


This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have love you. John 15:12 (KJV)


In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a picture of my sweetheart:

Hiking with my husband…a treasured blessing!

My prayer for you: May you always appreciate your walk in God’s love…a treasured blessing!

Sherida Stewart

Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

4 thoughts on “Sweet #TuesdayTea treats served with #LOVE!”

    1. Hi, Tina. I wanted to try each one…they looked so good….but only had the brownie….with ice cream….and fudge sauce….and whipped topping. Mmmm, I’m hungry again! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Hi, Sandra. I loved looking at all those goodies in the case. My sweetie and I use our hiking adventures as an excuse to indulge in a treat every once in awhile. Maybe we should add pickle ball! 🙂


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