A February #TuesdayTea book review—A Seaside Romance by Patti Jo Moore

As we approach the last day of February, I welcome you to my Tuesday Tea review of the contemporary love story, A Seaside Romance, by Patti Jo Moore.

The month of February is a time to appreciate the treasured blessings of all types of LOVE…family, friends, romantic, and the love of our Lord.

My mother painted these bears to represent our family when our sons were cubs. With love, our family now includes 2 DILs and 3 grandsweeties.

***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

Frosty mornings still greet me as February comes to a close. I’m anticipating spring, but warm days aren’t quite here yet. Reading stories can provide us with a virtual trip by transporting us to someplace different from our current place. A Seaside Romance is exactly this kind of book. Patti Jo Moore’s novel takes us to the charming beach town of Coastal Breeze, Florida……exactly what I need while waiting for the warmer days of spring.


Since it’s still the month of love, I’m serving Valentine’s Day treats. Please help yourself to chocolate heart brownies or raspberry jam-filled Linzer heart cookies. I’ll pour you a cup of fruity raspberry tea. Now we’re ready to delve into A Seaside Romance!

Chocolate LOVE brownies
Raspberry jam-filled Linzer Heart cookies


A Seaside RomanceA Seaside Romance by Patti Jo Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A sweet romance set in a charming beach town.

A Seaside Romance, by Patti Jo Moore, is a contemporary inspirational romance. Lovely Emma Hopkins is helping out at her aunt’s gift shop when she meets handsome traveling businessman Thomas Wilton. They both have secrets from their pasts which must be resolved before they can reach a romantic happily-ever-after.

Other interesting characters enliven the beachside village of Coastal Breeze, Florida, including compassionate Aunt Ginny, busybody Midge Weatherbee, and Thomas’ sister, Avril. I enjoyed the descriptions of the charming community and felt like I was shopping in the nautical themed gift shop featured in the story.

I especially liked the way prayer was realistically incorporated as a part of life, asking God for help and guidance. A great book for those who enjoy sweet romance!

Favorite quotes:
Yet what she could do was pray for strength to ignore those scars from the past, and also pray for strength and wisdom as she moved on with her life.



You might enjoy learning a bit more about author Patti Jo Moore and the inspiration for her newest book. Over at Laurie Wood’s blog, you can read a recent interview, however please note the giveaway has ended. Read the interview here.

As mentioned in the interview, Patti Jo has two more books to be released in her Emerald Coast Romances series set on the beautiful…and warm…Florida Gulf Coast. I’m looking forward to more sweet romances featuring this charming community. You can find Patti Jo’s Facebook page HERE.


Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.

Proverbs 21 (NIV)



I pray you are surrounded by the treasured blessings of love …in an ever-increasing circle.

THANK YOU for joining me for Tuesday Tea! (The heart card above was created by one of my grandsweeties. All grandsweeties are treasured blessings of love!)

With blessings and love,


Author: Sherida Stewart

Inspirational romance author and Christian blogger

10 thoughts on “A February #TuesdayTea book review—A Seaside Romance by Patti Jo Moore”

  1. What a lovely post, Sherida! Those cookies look so yummy, and I love the bear family your precious Mom made long ago—so sweet.
    Thank you sooo much for featuring my debut novel today, and for the kind comments. You’ve given me a big smile this week!
    Here in my Georgia neighborhood we’re having beautiful weather today, which makes me think of being at the beach! However, I’ve heard we’re due to get more rain, so I’m treasuring our sunshine and blue sky while we have it. I’ve been running errands all day and it felt wonderful being out in the fresh air!
    Thank you again for this delightful post—you are a blessing!


    1. Patti Jo, it’s a delight to feature your book. Congratulations on your debut and the many more to follow!

      Yes, we treasure those good weather days. Today we had sunny skies, so went hiking. Tomorrow we’re to have snow!

      Thanks again for stopping by for tea and cookies…..and the special book review. Oh, I should have served something peachy! For your next book, I’ll prepare peach cobbler….one of my favorites! 🙂


  2. Hello Sherida!!

    First of all, love the bears your mom made. So sweet!

    It’s been raining for the last couple of weeks so I could use a vacation to a Florida beach. Patti’s book sounds terrific. Thanks for posting!


    1. So glad you stopped by for tea and cookies. After all your rain, you’ll enjoy a trip to the beach via Patti Jo’s book, I’m sure. I’ll pour you another cup of tea so you stay warm! March is almost here!


  3. What’s not to love about a beach romance? And penned by such a dear, sweet Southern lady! Patti Jo’s book is definitely on my list to read soon! Thanks for this lovely review, Sherida!


    1. Myra, thank you so much for stopping by for tea! I just told Patti Jo I’m embarrassed I didn’t think to serve something with Southern flair…like peach muffins or peach cobbler! What was I thinking? I do have SWEET tea, if you prefer! Hope your weather is sunny and mild as spring arrives.


  4. Hi Sherida, I see you’re still writing terrific and interesting reviews. And for Patti Jo Moore-how exciting. Patti Jo, I’m waving from Arizona. And yes, I would love to be reading a romance set on a Florida Beach. Yay. This series sounds exciting. Congratulations. I know you are excited. Praying for wonderful success with your novel. Hugs, Sandra


    1. Sandra, so good to see you! (Instead of tea, I have a mug of coffee here for you.) I’m glad you liked my review. It is fun to read Patti Jo’s first book….and to know there will be more romances set in her Emerald Coast series. You know how I love to “travel” via the settings in your books! Thanks for stopping by, Sandra!


    1. Welcome to tea, Laura! During February, I enjoy displaying the bear family….good memories. Isn’t it fun to celebrate Patti Jo’s first release? Thank you for stopping by for the review and some teatime treats!


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